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Twenty six informative and entertaining audio walks are now available as free downloads from Footnotes Audio Walks.


London: Bloomsbury ...

Bloomsbury Science Walk

The Forcing Ground For Historic Scientific And Medical Discoveries - Perfect For Science Enthusiasts - Revised 2012
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London: Euston To K...


An Atmosphere Of Transience And Railway Terminal Seediness Mingled With Philanthropic Schemes And Unexpected Havens Make This A Fasci...
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London: Highgate


This Highgate Walk Is A Bracing Meander Through An 18th Century Health Resort, Retracing Its History From London's Last Glacier To Ka...
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Medieval, Mackintosh, Modern. By Rob Kendall
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Welcome to Footnotes

 'Just up my street', Sue Arnold The Guardian. '... the walks are especially strong on parts of London ... Mayfair North offers wonderful respite from Oxford Street.' Christine Hardyment, The Times. 

Footnotes Audio Walks allow you to explore places at your own pace. Walks take between one and two hours, and you can do them when you wish. Some of the walks cover well known areas, others take you to locations ignored in conventional guide books. They are all available free as MP3 downloads, and some as CDs while stocks last.

The guides draw on history, architecture, science, literature, even gossip and reflect the interests of the compilers.

Footnotes footnote

We used to charge for the walks and attempted to keep them up to date. For the last few years you have been able to download them for free but you may have found many of them confusing as London changes and we don't keep up.

We have reluctantly decided to close the site down. In May 2018 the Footnotes Audio Walks website will be no more. Thanks for downloading the walks. We hope you have enjoyed them.

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Our walks are ideal for:
  • Londoners eager to know more about their city
  • Tourists both British and foreign
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  • And anybody who loves history, art and architecture