Top Tips on Spending less money on Clothes

There are many of us that enjoy treating ourselves to new clothes. It might be that we have occasions where we like to look our best and want new things, that we need a good wardrobe for work or that we like to follow the latest trends. However, clothing is not cheap and so buying it a lot can really add up. There are ways though, that we can spend less on clothing and still have the fun of getting new outfits. Just by changing a few habits, we could spend a lot less on clothing but still have new things.

Check what you have

It worth being really aware of what you actually have already. If we go out and see a top that we like, perhaps in a sale, then we could just be tempted to buy it. However, how often have you got back home to realise that you actually already had a very similar top? If you know what you already have, then you will not do this again. Also having a good sort through what you have will allow you to find out whether you have any things that you had forgotten about. You may find that you can put together some new outfits from items that you did not even realise you had.

Consider second hand

One way to save money is to buy second hand clothing. There are many shops these days that sell second hand clothes and you can also buy them online, so you should find that you will have plenty to choose from. If you have never considered doing this before then start to take a look at what is available. You might surprised at how much there is that you would like to buy. You will also be able to see how much cheaper things are and this might encourage you to look for second hand items before you buy new.

Change where you shop

It is possible that you are always shopping in the same places. Although this can be good because you know that you like the items and that you are happy with the quality of them, it could be stopping you from shopping at places that are cheaper. Have a look at some other shops that have lower prices and see whether you feel that you would like to buy things from there. You might not be used to the sort of clothing that they sell, so try it on and see how it fits and feels. You may find that you are really happy with them and that you can therefore shop there and save money in the future.

Look out for sales

It can be wise to be careful of sales. It is great to buy an item that you really like and want in a sale and save money. However many of us get tempted to buy extra things in the sale. We pick up items that we think seem like real bargains but are not items that we need or have been looking for. We might even get home and wish that we had not bought them but cannot return them because they were in the sale. So use sales to your advantage but make sure that you are not tempted to buy extra things that you do not actually really want.

Compare prices

It is wise to make sure that you are really paying close attention to prices. If you see something you really like it is easy to buy it and not really think about the price. You may not even check the tag and take it to the till, hand over your credit card and not really look at the price. However, if we want to save money then the prices are really important. It is worth looking at the prices of lots of clothing in lots of shops. Then you will get a good idea of how much you are paying for things and how much you could be paying. You might find that you have been paying lots more for your favourite brand when you could save a lot by switching to another brand and not sacrifice much in the way of style or quality.

So there are many things that you can do in order to save money o clothes without having to buy less. If you want to save a significant amount then the obvious thing is to stop buying clothing altogether. However, this does not have to be the only option. If you shop very carefully then you may be able to still afford clothing and not have to struggle financially. You may also find it more fun if you are visiting more shops including ones that you have not been to before. It will make the shopping trip last longer and if you like shopping then this will be great.

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